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Hue-Tone Manufacturing offers a wide range of options of high-quality award, interior and exterior cast aluminium plaques. When you choose Hue-Tone Manufacturing, you'll rely on expert workmanship that turns your idea into a classic or contemporary Aluminium Plaques that's perfect for your space.
Aluminium Plaques provides a unique symbol of distinction. Cast from aluminium, this age old process will make a product that is sturdy and will stand the test of time. With an array of textures, colors, and borders available we can design a plaque to fit in any setting. Custom logos and fonts are also castable.

Aluminium Plaques can be manufactured for:

  • Commemoration of events such as the opening of a new franchise or branch
  • Merit, achievement and service awards
  • In memory of deceased persons
  • As signage

Why Get A Aluminium Plaques Made?

Everyone Deserves Recognition Employee Recognition
  • For hard-work on a project
  • For personal dedication to the business
  • For creative ideas
  • For exceptional work
  • For their commitment to quality
  • For bringing value to the company


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