Hospital Signs

The thought of hospitals and healthcare facilities can be uncomfortable and even scary, so making patients, guests and patrons feel at ease is imperative. Work with the expert Huetone team to help create and install custom wayfinding & directional hospital signage.

One workplace that needs a lot of signs is a hospital. Hospital signs include direction signs showing patients and staff the way and signs indicating room numbers and stores. But hospital signs attached to walls are serve an important function. All employees have name badges, and signs indicating the location of safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, defibrillators, etc., are also very common.

Hospitals are full of tiny hazards, and our hospital signs aren't just for patients, doctors and nurses need important information too. Post a message to prevent avoidable accidents.

Caution staff, patients, and visitors against hazards like radiation, needles, infectious waste, and more.

The Impact of Hospital Signage:

At its most basic level, hospital signage makes the hospital experience vastly easier to navigate creating a less stressful atmosphere at a time when tensions are running high. Trying to find the correct way to an area in a hospital can be a challenging task. When that hospital has multiple facilities the process becomes even more difficult and a messaging system delivering clear, up-to-date and targeted information eases patients' and visitors' journeys.

Consumers today have a wide range of healthcare options available. Their overall experience with your facility will influence their future healthcare decisions and recommendations. Well designed, consistently branded signage conveys a hospital's professionalism, organization, and concern for patient needs.

At Hue Tone we help your hospital project the right image through consistent branding, improves efficiency with well-designed auxiliary signage, and makes the process effortless with superior service and support. Contact us today to find out why Hue Tone is the best choice for hospital signs.