Office Door Signs – Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Signage

Types of Office Door Signs

There are many different signs that go on office doors that you may want to consider. For example:

Office Name Signs/Office Door Plaques – These provide a name for those that work in that office, so that everyone knows whose office it is.

Ingress/Egress Signs – Signs like “push/pull” or “Emergency Exit” are examples of signs that help manage the flow of the property. In some cases, it may be a safety issue, like labelling electric room door signs.

Company Signs – Logo office signs are also important, especially if you are in a building with other companies. At Signs NY, we can also make vinyl signs for those that want something easy to remove.

Each of these signs can be made standard, of course, but many companies opt for their own special twist, like engraved office door signs.

With so many different styles and materials, you can go for a modern, temporary, classic – or, of course, any other custom look that appeals to you.

Materials Available for Office Door Signs

So we know that there are many different types of office door signs. But what about materials? The truth is that almost any material can be made into an office door sign. For example:

You can also turn wood into a door sign if you are feeling clever. Many people also like brass office wall name plates, along with aluminum.

These provide only a small fraction of the materials that are available. The only signs that tend to not be turned into office signs are lighted signs, and even that may change someday.

Best Sign Size to Choose for Your Office Door

Depending on what is on the sign, there are many size options for your office door.

We often recommend avoiding any signs that are too small. They may be difficult to notice, and the font/typeface on them may be too little to read.

At the same time, doors have size limitations, and the best office signs aren't distracting – they are complementary.

Office entrance signs need to be inviting, but they also need to be a part of the door, not simply decoration.

Keep this in mind when you choose sizes. You can have something like office number signs that are only about 2” by 3”, and custom name plate signs can be as small as 2” x 6”, but once you start getting into office entrance signs, you may want to choose something a bit bigger that still doesn't distract from the entrance itself.