Parking Signs.

Parking signs are generally classified as any traffic sign, directional sign or information sign as they can achieve any of these objectives. Parking signs are intended to give information to drivers, people looking to park and road uses. Parking signs are generally used to demarcate parking bays, as opposed to road signs that could warn of dangerous conditions or advise where parking is not allowed.

Parking signs can vary from Aluminium parking signs, metal parking signs, plastic parking signs and Chromadek parking signs to paper. Parking signs are often overlooked as part of a corporation's general corporate identity. In order to avoid this parking signs should generally maintain the look and feel of all the other signs of a business.

Parking signs can consist of:

  • Yellow sign displaying times: The yellow sign shows the time that single yellow line restrictions operate. (Double yellow lines apply at all times and do not need a sign). You must not park here during these times but are allowed to load/unload, usually for a maximum of 20 minutes. Blue badge holders may park for up to three hours on a yellow line if they display their badge and time clock.
  • White sign stating time restrictions: The white sign shows a free parking bay. You are allowed to park for a maximum time as shown on the sign.
  • Permit holders: You may park in this parking bay only if you are displaying a valid permit for the zone.

At Huetone we supply various parking signage including:

  • Regulatory signs
  • Warning signs
  • Information signs
  • G Series
  • Guidance Signs
  • Tourism Signs
  • Route Markers
  • Symbolic Signs

Whether it is a stop sign, handicap sign or custom traffic sign we have all of the standard Traffic Signs for immediate delivery. All of our Traffic Signs are available in reflective aluminium and of course all traffic signs meet all the regulatory requirements. Call today for affordable prices on your parking signage.