Serial Number Labels

No matter what industry you're in or your product challenges, you can rely on Hue Tone for customized serial number labels that go the distance. Our customers return year after year for our durable serial number labels. These effective, long-lasting solutions capture important information and solve critical business challenges including:
  • Asset tracking: A serial number with or without a barcode format on each item is the starting point for a robust and accurate asset tracking system that includes software, barcode scanners and serial number labels. This basic set of tools empowers your company's employees and customers to locate and track assets as needed.
  • Easy access to key information: Custom QR-coded labels can provide your employees and customers with easy access to valuable information such as instructions and manuals.
  • Inventory and production tracking: Serial number barcode labels and QR code labels enable you to track fixed assets for inventory, production, shelving, shipping and more.
  • Compliance: Apply our durable, long-lasting labels to medical devices, instrumentation, processed foods and other items that require strict regulatory adherence.
  • Warranty and repair control: Asset tracking enables your company to log maintenance activities, service and parts so that you can maintain a complete database of warranty history and repair.
Some industries apply serial number labels on tractor-trailers, heavy equipment and other machinery that must withstand challenging outdoor environments. For companies in the medical industry, serial tags must endure harsh cleansers and abrasion.

Companies of all types require number tags with durable sub-surface construction to endure wear and tear. With sub-surface serial number labels, information is printed on the reverse side of weather-resistant plastic, which protects the ink, colour and image.

One of our specialities is self-adhesive serial number labels. These may be standalone serial number labels, or may be incorporated into other types of label such as a Rating label or Bar Code Label. Prefixes and suffixes can also be added. We normally supply serial numbers with the lowest number on the outside of the roll, unless otherwise specified. Call our team now for affordable serial number labels for your company today.